Yahoo: A Brief History of Yahoo! What You Need to Know

In January of 1994, two graduate students at Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo created what we know today as Yahoo Originally named Jerrys Guide to the World Wide Web, Yahoo was a directory that organized other web sites into a hierarchy. The history of Yahoo begins.

Unlike other search engines, Yahoo gained swift popularity. Just twelve months after its creation, Yang and Filo had over one million hits on their year old search engine. The sheer volume of people using it prompted Filo and Yang to incorporate Yahoo early in 1995

The name Yahoo however, was already taken by other enterprises; Filo and Yang were forced to add the exclamation mark in order to trademark it. Yahoo went public on April 12 1996 were it earned a total of 2.6 million dollars.

With its growing popularity, Yahoo started buying out companies such as eGroups and GeoCities. However, most of the buy outs produced a great deal of controversy since Yahoo had a reputation of changing terms of services when they bought a company

As the history of Yahoo unfolds and Yahoo’s phenomenal climb to success, Yahoo creators and shareholders were confident that they had themselves a goldmine that would enjoy a great deal of business success. They didnt predict the burst of the internet bubble in the early two thousands. Yahoo survived the crisis but the value of Yahoo stocks dropped to $8.11, an all time low.

To help rebuild itself, Yahoo formed partnerships with telecommunication companies and internet providers, these alliances led to the creation of content rich broadband services that actively competed with AOL.

Yahoo uses a combination of web crawlers compiled and indexed results to rank the websites that are registered on their search engine. In March of 2004 Yahoo launched a paid inclusion service. Webmasters could, for a fee, purchase a submission to Yahoo’s human compiled directory. The annual yearly fee is about three hundred dollars. The theory is that the listing humans provide will influence web crawlers into giving the website a higher ranking. The paid inclusion program was a lucrative venture for Yahoo but was unpopular with webmasters. Paid inclusion did not guarantee a high ranking; it only guaranteed that the business would be ranked.

Yahoo, like other businesses, keeps its eye on the future. Currently Yahoo offers a multitude of services that cater to nearly all online activities. These services include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Maps and Driving Directions, and Yahoo Messenger. While Google holds the top spot in search engines Yahoo is standing strong in second place. Yahoo competes by offering its customers vertical search services such as, Yahoo Image, Yahoo Local, Yahoo Shopping Search, Yahoo Video, and Yahoo! News. Although Yahoo is second to Google it is still a favorite among many online search engine users. As the history of yahoo continues to unfold the future looks bright.…

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Why is Content so Important in Internet Marketing & Search Engine Rankings

Content on your web site is the soul of the web site. In addition to well designed and attractive layout with easy navigation, visitors are also hungry for well written informative content. Well written sales page will ceratinly persuade and compel visitors to purchase the products or services offerered.

Good content works as your sales rep, generates confidence and is important if the main purpose of the website is to sell the products or services. The sales copy must accurately describe the products or services offered (without overpitching), explain the benefits of these products and services and compel the visitor to make a purchase. This should be done with style of presenting the facts & without blatantly advertising the products and services. Writing this type of copy may be complicated and requires hiring a sales copywriter who is experienced and skilled at writing this type of informative and persuasive content. If you cannot afford a professional copy writer, write your copy and ask your friends for comments. Review the content based on the feed back.

Sales copy written by an amateur or an inexperienced writer will not likely be as effective as copy written by a professional with a great deal of experience in Internet marketing.

The content on your website is very important because it will greatly influence your search engine rankings. This is critical because high search engine rankings help your business to reach a considerably larger audience. Good content is likely to be linked by webmasters from their websites resulting in more targeted traffic.

Internet users are typically looking for information quickly and want immediate results to their inquiries. Search engines are profiling the visitors and develop complicated algorithms to push the most relevant content or websites when a user searches using a keyword or phrase. Internet users realize the value of search engines and are likely to only visit websites which rank well in the search engines. This includes websites which rank on the first page or second page of search results.

A web store selling Movie DVDs/music or expensive designer apparels from a a well designed website with superior range of inventory at excellent prices will certainly attract enquiries & orders pf it is ranked well in search engines. A poorly ranked web site will miss out on a great deal of search engine driven market and free advertising. Quality content helps improve page ranking and can push your page in the first 10 or 20 search results. That is why the content on your website is considered the king. Websites containing optimized content for keywords relevant to your products or services will likely rank well with search engines. Hiring a writer skilled in writing optimized content can help to improve your search engine rankings so you can reach more potential customers.…

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Java Sockets – You Just Got to Plug Them in

I realised that programming in Java is quite a fun only after doing it myself. You will be amazed to know that it’s like putting different pieces of puzzle together. You put them relatively in an integrated and coherent manner. The Beauty of it is, that most of the times you dont have to create these pieces yourself. You just customize them according to your need after you get them from an already defined java class or package. It was about programming, now lets talk sumthing about sockets.

Socket is used to establish a point-to-point, bidirectional connection between two entities in a network. Just like a real world socket, it is used to plugin a connection from another source. The connection can be incoming or outgoing or both. Similar is the case at the other end. To understand these sockets  properly, you need to learn a bit about Operating System and its Networking Protocols. Sockets are basically of three types: 1)UNIX Domain Sockets; 2) Internet Domain Sockets; 3) NS domain Sockets.

Java being platform independent Programming language, supports only Internet Domain Sockets as only they are platform independent out of three. These internet domain sockets are distinguished on the basis of Internet protocol they work on…

1) TCP/IP(Transfer Control Protocol): The data transfer is reliable, in-order,connection oriented, so takes connection establishment time before the actual data transfer takes place. Sockets based on TCP/IP are known as Stream Sockets.

2) UDP(User Datagram Protocol): It is connectionless,unrealiable and unordered data transfer protocol. Each packet in it has a destination address associated with it and is realeased into the network to make its own way. The sockets based on UDP are called Datagram Sockets.

3) Raw IP: It is a non-formatted protocol. Unlike TCP/IP, UDP protocols, Raw IP is not a core protocol of IP Suite. It’s different from them as its used to receive header information of the packet along with data, which is not the case in TCP/IP, UDP, they just receive data.

In Java Sockets are mainly implemented from already defined classes and pakages. These are:

1) It contains all the classes that a user require to create a network based application. The below mentioned classes namely ServerSocket and Socket are also its part. This package also contain classes to create Secure Sockets and to connect a Web Server.

2) ServerSocket Class: It Provides sockets for the Server side.These sockets monitor network for requests or simply waits for them. When such request arrives, a server socket performs assigned task based on the request.

3) Socket Class: This class provides the Client side sockets. These sockets connect to the server, send and receive data for the client.

Remember, no socket can work without a port which is identified by a port no. Port is a gateway to a socket connectivity which is on the both sides of network. A socket is mainly identified as per its ports.…

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Online marketing – what it is and why does it matters

Digital Marketing:  The process of promotion of brands, products, merchandise or services through one or more forms of electronic media platform is digital marketing. Like, publicity through any digital mediums that might be called as the aspect of the digital marketing strategy of a business. That might include promotional efforts through the Web, mobile phones, and social media platform.

In other words, digital marketing is the advanced technique of brand promotion through on-line, unlike traditional marketing techniques. This can be very effective, result-driven and beneficial technique of marketing if this has applied with the latest techniques. A digital marketing company, if you hire to promote your service on the web, must well know about market-oriented creativity and new innovative techniques for advertisement, and brotherlabs is one of the best seo companies in Hyderabad that deal with the delivering the best result.  Proving a convenient way to customers that they can access your business information anytime and any place just by their electronic device, digital marketing makes the best way and a well-known platform where people from all over the world can access the information easily. 

Understanding Digital MarketingIf you notice the current trend of online marketing, It’s changing consistently and growing rapidly. With the evolution of many online businesses in this industry, the concept of digital marketing strategies has been upgraded rapidly. Every startup business person or entrepreneur focuses on branding their business product and that’s why they are taking the assistance of electronic media i.e. digital marketing. They aim at branding attractively in order to boost their awareness quickly in the web world.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: A traditional business promotion take place through non-electronic or through print media in a newspaper, but in the modern corporate and commercial business demand is promoting your services through the digital platform. The marketing campaign must be well responsive and the ability of effective performance of a particular marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing Service Provider: There are so many digital marketing companies in Hyderabad available who provides the best marketing strategy, but one thing is most important to choose the best from all. You can’t compromise with the quality to choose the wrong one. We are the best SEO company in Hyderabad and we will help you give you a right destination where you want to build your business. Reaching out all the requirements of our clients and dealing with the best marketing strategies are our goal to prove us best Seo Company in Hyderabad. 

Advantages Of Digital Marketing: Digital marketing techniques help your business to get more eyes on your website from all over the world and the web owner can easily get popularity on the web, this very important factor to be well known over the online world to get success. Our SEO services in Hyderabad …

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Java Programming Language

Java is a programming language formulated by Sun Microsystems and was publicized in 1995 as a core component of Sun’s Java platform. The language was obtained from C and C++ to a great extent. In this virtual world of an Internet Marketing, windfall profits have made the Java one of the fastest-growing and most extensively used programming language. “Java” generally refers to a combination of three things:

  1. Java programming language: It is a high-level, object-oriented programming language. Java is centered on creating & manipulating objects, and making the objects to work together.
  2. Java Virtual Machine: Short for JVM, it is a high-performance virtual machine that executes byte codes on a specific computing platform.
  3. Java platform: A JVM running compiled Java byte codes, usually calling on a set of standard libraries such as those provided by Java Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition . Though coupled by design, the language does not imply the JVM, and vice versa.

Java is a revolutionary language and so, for this reason, it is the most accepted computing language in use today for a wide-ranging purpose. Some of the substantial benefits of Java Programming language are:

  1. Java is Architectural Neutral: Since Java’s applications are typically piled-up to a byte-code and as its’ integration is done into all the major operating system, so, for this reason, Java Program can be accessed on any platform with a Java Virtual Machine. Hence, one of the most compelling reason that persuade anyone to Java is its Portability, i.e. — Platform Independence and so developers will be just requiring for the writing of one version and that one version will be running on all the platforms without having to be recompiled. Java runs on most major hardware and software platforms, counting Windows 95 and NT, the Macintosh, and several varieties of UNIX as well.
  2. Security: Language and platform were devised by maintaining the issue of security in mind. All browsers, whether it is a compiler, interpreter or Java-compatible, all hold a number of security measures. They are intended to diminish the risk of security compromise, loss of data and program integrity, and damage to system users. The Java platform allows a user to download an untrusted code over a network and run it in a secure environment as it will protect the host system to not to get infected with a virus.
  3. Programmer Efficiency and Time-to-Market: The final and perhaps the most significant cause for taking the Java into a use is that it is well-liked by the programmers because with Java, they entertain a quick results and it makes their efficiency increase to the great extent. As Java is a simple and elegant language with a well-designed, intuitive set of APIs, programmers are able to write better code that too without shelling-out embarrassing amount of money. This thing reduces the development time.

Hence for these considerable benefits, Java is chosen as the programming language for the network computers (NC) and has been perceived as a universal front end for the …

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Streaming Video Websites Software © – Add Videos to Any Site!

Streaming Video Websites Software – if you intend to upload video(s) onto your Site and avoid unnecessary frustration, you must have one of these tools on your PC. This unique technology gives you the opportunity to effectively promote services, products, and Sites on the Internet with streaming VDOs. Still wondering how you can easily export movie files to Web format? Read the following important article.

Getting some basics

Streaming Video Websites Software performs conversion and compression to your videos so they are transformed into .FLV (Flash-Video) Web display file format. Now comes the part where you need to publish your Webvideo(s) by simply adding a small html code to your page and delivering the files to your Web’s server. Just for you to know you have just generated streaming webvideos – they are transmitted to your viewers continuously as they arrive with no need to download them first onto the hard disk.

Why do Webmasters need it?

By now we clearly notice how this solution brings several important benefits:

  • An excellent opportunity for you to display ‘live’ customers’ testimonials.
  • Automatically download and convert YouTube videos to play on your Website(s).
  • Enables you to select your favorite player skin.
  • Auto-redirect your visitors to an order page after your Web-Movie ends.
  • It enables you to upload your Webvideo(s) to video-sharing sites and attract more visitors.

There are probably many other great advantages provided by this technology, simply because it eliminates many technical difficulties involved with this encoding process.

Quick summary

Streaming Video Websites Software is a ‘must have’ tool for any Webmaster, beginner or professional, who understands that plain text by itself just isn’t enough to promote an online business these days. By the end of this quick review the best advice would be to test this technology so you could almost instantly start enjoying the various benefits that it offers.…

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Extended Stay Hotels in Los Angeles, California

Extended stay hotels are abundant in the United States particularly in California. In the city of Los Angeles alone, it is packed with budget motels, discount hotel and extended stay lodgings. Los Angeles is also known as L.A. or the “City of Angels”. It is the largest city in the state of California. This big and historical city is an important culture, media, international trade and business hub. In addition, Los Angeles is famous for being the world’s center of entertainment industry which also makes it a major tourist destination. It has a permanent global status due to its sprawling entertainment industry.

Extended Stay Hotels in LA

Extended Stay America La Mirada– This hotel is located at 14775 Firestone Boulevard, La Mirada Los Angeles California 90638. For more information, you can contact this hotel at 714-670-8579. You can also fax them at 714-67-8361. It is ideal for longer stays including studio-style accommodations that feature fully equipped kitchens as well as a lot of working spaces. It is also filled with numerous amenities that you won’t normally find in any hotel room. Rooms come with a kitchen equipped with a stovetop, microwave and refrigerator. It also has a computer dataport and offers free local phone calls as well as on-site laundry area, cooking and dining utensils along with an iron and an ironing board. Guests also have the option of personalizing their voice mail. The wireless Internet in this hotel only has a one-time fee of only 4.99 US dollars per stay. It also offers pet-friendly rooms for pet lovers.
Extended Stay America Arcadia – This is yet another branch of Extended Stay America. This Extended Stay hotel is situated at 401 E. Santa Clara St. Arcadia California 91006. For inquiries, reservations and other concerns, you can fax them at 626-446-6533 or call them at 626-446-6422. Hotel amenities include free phone calls (local only), on-site guest laundry area and personalized voice mail service as well as computer dataport in workspace, full sized ironing board and iron along with available pet friendly rooms for pet lovers, cooking and dining utensils. It also offers a one-time wireless Internet fee of 4.99 US dollars per stay.
Extended Stay America Chino Valley – This extended stay hotel is located at 4325 Corporate Center Avenue, Chino California 91710. For more information, you can contact the hotel at 909-597-8675 or you can fax them at 909-597-8716. Its studios provide the conveniences and comforts that long-term vacationers value the most. In addition, it also features full-sized appliances, kitchens and separate living, sleeping and working areas.…

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Watch Los Angeles Dodgers Mlb Games Online

I have always been a big Joe Torre fan and was sad to see him leave New York. Curious as I was, I looked to see how often I could catch a Los Angeles Dodgers game on television once LA hired Torre as manager. Being an east coast dweller, I found some, but not many, opportunities to catch a Dodgers game. Then I learned I could watch Los Angeles Dodgers MLB games online.

Good news.

Curiosity about the Los Angeles Dodgers stemmed from the ironic aspect Torre would be managing former players of east coast rival Boston Red Sox. Now I could watch stars like Manny Ramirez, Derek Lowe and Nomar Garciaparra play NL ball. Torre also brought former Yankee coaches Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa with him to the coast. I also gained access to get acquainted with stars like slugger Orlando Hudson and pitching phenoms Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton.

All I needed was this fabulous software, and I was in business. Once I downloaded the software, which was very easy, installed it and I was all set to watch live streaming video on my computer over the Internet. I could catch Dodgers games televised from wherever. You can watch on your PC, too.

You need a DSL or cable Internet connection along with a computer operating on Windows or Macintosh. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy up-to-date computer. Now, you’re all set to watch Los Angeles Dodgers MLB games online. But wait, there’s more.

This fantastic software gives you access to additional sports venues as well as watching your shows, news, and entertainment channels, plus history, education and a variety of children’s programming.

My curiosity about the Dodgers was satisfied once I downloaded the software. Now, I watch what I want with access to more than 3,500 TV stations!…

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The Evolution of Web-design

The evolution of web-design is very interesting. The web pages during the earliest days of Internet were as simple as a textual document. Tim Burners Lee, the inventor of the Internet is considered as the creator of the first web page. After that, the websites became more complicated and various complex designing tricks and codes came into the play. Even during late 1990s, the websites were developed using text effects and colors. The designs were as simple as a brochure.
Later, people understood the power of Internet and websites. With the Internet boom, they tried to change the appeal and looks of their websites completely. They tried to develop the websites that are visually compelling and attract the visitors. The websites became the info-house of a business or a company. The use of colors became more attractive and thoughtful. Though these websites did will for sometimes, people started to run away from them after a certain time. Basically, these websites had the problems of overlapping colors, huge texts, and some eye-popping text effects.
After this, the golden period of the Web Design Missouri came. Learning from their past mistakes, people started to develop some engaging websites, which permitted the visitors to focus on the premier products or services they were offering. But then the Internet users were going through the learning curve. They started to think that a simple website is designed cheaply and used to show their backs towards the website. Observing this problem, most of the web designers started to use the interactive Flash-movies to impress the visitors.
Web designers used the techniques like DHTML, HTML, and Flash to create the websites. The table-based designs used in those days were good but they had some limitations also. In that case the designer had to write lots of codes and implementing style on each was very difficult job. To get rid of that problem the technique of CSS was introduced and the designers liked it very much. Most importantly, CSS is not a table-based web design technique at all. The designer can use the div-tag to assign the styles.
In these days, the websites are very much matured and they are optimized properly for the search engine results. Web Layouts are the latest trends in the field of web designing these days. The layouts are used to direct the attention of a visitor to the premiere content of a website, not the design. The concept of Liquid Layout is already thrown into the garbage.
The designers are now motivated to create perfect layout. They keep the background very simple and leave the outside of the layouts blank to elude the distraction. Good designers embed the videos on the Web Sites Development Missouri to provide some dynamic contents. They use the icons and the images to highlight all-important points on a website. Reflection effects and the 3-D effects are the latest trends of web designing.
The Web Designs are getting more complex and better everyday. As web design is providing …

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Houston SEO Firms Optimize SEO Clinics for Houston Websites

SEO Optimization has become a very popular term for Houston marketing managers and marketing directors. Houston executives are no longer advertising as much with direct mail, cold calling, and the phone book. Mostly due to the lack of leads that have been coming from those marketing channels and pieces.

To grab more leads, folks have allocated marketing funds over to SEO optimization firms that perform customized SEO services for website rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the new strategy Internet marketing firms are using to doInternet Surgery on a business website’s with out-of-shape ranking. Business Oceans SEO is a good example of a Houston SEO Firm with skilled web surgeons.

It’s just like the skinny kid in gym class we knew in middle school. He just could not compete on any physical level. Once that kid got some help from his older cousin from Houston, Texas, he was on fire. He just needed the power boost from someone’s experience and expertise.

That’s the simple thing about good SEO Optimization firms. They can go in, diagnose, and operate on the web code with precision. Business Oceans™ is one of those firms. There are many other SEO firms: Rank Hierachy, A-1 Marketing, Infinity Brands come to mind as well. Some are very basic for do-it-yourself SEO optimizers. Some are so expensive, only Best Buy can afford them. There are literally hundreds of SEO firms.

After doing an analysis of SEO work that Business Oceans™ does, it’s evident they do have some skill in the art of SEO optimization for keywords. Many of their web clients rank in the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing, with a number of keywords in the top 3 ranks. That’s good for business.

Since a customer in Houston is going to type in “Houston…Keyword”, any Houston business who wants that lead, needs their website to be showing up on the 1st page of web searches.

There are two ways to do that. Either with organic SEO optimization or pay-per-click advertising, which has a few options. For most folks who do Internet marketing, it can give a good ROI and lead generation, if they can afford the $500-$5,000 monthly fees. That’s the range for regional ranking SEO campaign work.

The major cost is just like surgery. The more complex and invasive the firm needs to be, the more you’ll pay. Either way, there will paying involved.

Newbies to SEO Optimization sometimes think they can barter a one-time fee of $500 max and they will soon be shooting past their Houston web competitors on Google with hundreds of new monthly leads. Let me save you some disappointment, it does not work that way.

The Internet is full of wackos and scams, but you can be assured a professional Houston SEO firm that has been in business a while with good references will be worth every penny.

Would you do heart surgery on …

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