How to get your website to the top of msn or yahoo

How to get your website to the top of msn or yahoo

Everyone wants to have their site rank well in Google.

And why not? Not only can Google send you a boatload of free traffic – it’s also highly targeted, and it’s one of the best ways to drive business.

The problem is, that exact same ideal is shared with thousands of your direct competitors. This creates an environment where you’ll always be fighting, kicking and scratching to maintain your traffic – along with the ever present fear that your livelihood is only one “algorithm update” away from vanishing.

And that’s if you can even get ranked for any decent keyword, to begin with…

In fact, only the largest, most-established authority sites can reliably see consistent traffic from Google. And even then, their rankings fluctuate constantly – several times a day, in some cases.

The fact is – it’s getting harder and harder for the “little guy” to get any kind of meaningful web presence on the web these days.

Getting ranked in Google is almost impossible unless you’ve got a major promotional budget and some time on your hands to “wait” for your domain to become trusted (Google favors older domains). And advertising with pay-per-click ads isn’t affordable like it once was.

Search marketing has finally become what everyone feared it would – a game reserved for big business.

But what if there was still a way to legtiimately rank for keywords with tons of traffic?

And what if you could do this without having to spend months and even years building up an authority site to do so?

In fact – what if you could systematically create one-page minisites that could rapidly rank in the top 3 spots (consistently) for basically any keyword you target within a matter of a week or so?

Is this for real?


But not with Google.

It’s happening right now, as we speak, on

Now – before you think it – yes, I know, MSN doesn’t have nearly the reach that Google does. But, it still does receive millions and millions of search users daily. After all – MSN is the default home-page for anyone who first uses Internet Explorer.

And, to put it in perspective, which would drive more traffic?

Occupying the #1 ranking for your most desirable keyword target on MSN?

Or occupying the #47 spot on page 5 of Google’s results?

Sadly, it’s actually more effort to make it to the 47th spot in Google than it is to literally dominate in MSN.

How does this work?…

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The Importance Of On-Page SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the many internet marketing techniques used by many web masters to increase their visibility in any search engines, particularly in major search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. There are currently two types of SEO techniques used for a successful SEO campaign. These are the on-page and off-page SEO. Many consider that off-page influences are given more weight than that of on-page SEO factors. However the use of on-page SEO techniques increases the chances of a website getting indexed by different search engines. So what are the techniques used for a website to get indexed? Website Directories Directories are one of the many ways for a website to get indexed even without the help of off-page SEO factors. A website is usually indexed through search engines’ crawlers. Crawlers have only one main objective, to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Pages that are linked from other search engine indexed pages do not need to be submitted because they are found automatically. Some search engines, notably Yahoo!, operate a paid submission service that guarantee crawling for either a set fee or cost per click. Two major directories, the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project both require manual submission and human editorial review. According to SEO Philippines consultants, Google offers Google Webmaster Tools, for which an XML Sitemap feed can be created and submitted for free to ensure that all pages are found, especially pages that aren’t discoverable by automatically following links.
However, search engine crawlers may look at a number of different factors when crawling a site. Not every page is indexed by the search engines. Distance of pages from the root directory of a site may also be a factor in whether or not pages get crawled which is why its very important to include a sitemap so as to make it easier for search engine crawlers to crawl the whole site. Another factor is that if the website is too long, Google would usually truncate the website to just crawl only half of a website.
Cross Linking Other than the techniques used in off-page SEO, such as link building, links within a website is also very popular important in on-page SEO. Cross linking is a method used between pages of the same website. Even though a website isn’t optimized for SEO, this method is still used by many web masters. In SEO, links pointing to a certain page makes it important for search engine crawlers, which is why giving more links back to a website’s main page as well as inside linking increases the likelihood of websites to rank high in PageRank. Off-page SEO works simultaneously with cross linking. Link building would usually target the same page in which cross linking are concentrated to further increase the success of SEO campaigns both for on-page and off-page SEO. Content Optimization Content optimization is divided into several parts, the first is the content visually seen by visitors and those that are …

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The California Arrest Records Online

Every state has its own ways of providing protection and security to their people. In the state of California, it is done by way of giving everyone access to various vital records in which one of them is the California Arrest Records. It is a good thing because it allows every person to learn more information about someone and to gather details about any individual’s possible criminal records for protection purposes.

Having these documents also means a lot to both huge and small companies because it’s able to help the employers do their job efficiently in terms of choosing among the long queue of job applicants who will eventually have that available job position. If it has been a hard thing to do before, then it’s not anymore now because you can now easily know if a person deserves to be trusted or not by conducting an investigation of his background through his criminal record. Thus, you’ll be able to protect the company from any misleading information.

Back in the old days, searching for Arrest Records Public is solely done at the government offices. However, this process has been found to be inconvenient and time-consuming. Fortunately, in the advent of modern technology, a much better method has been introduced for everyone to make use of and that is through the Internet. This time, those physical files that were once gathered at government offices are already transferred to those state-of-the-art online databases and will be delivered straight to your own computer in just few minutes.

Searching online will make you choose which service provider to trust among the two options-the free-of-charge and the fee-based. Despite the fact that it’s for free, the first option is actually not advisable to be used especially if you’re dealing with serious matters because it usually produces a kind of report that is raw and incorrect. That is why paying for the service is worth it because it provides accurate and complete information that can support any legal proceedings that you’re dealing with.

You can search for Criminal Arrest Records for different purposes. This document can be used to check if your neighbor has been involved in a certain crime in the past. If you’re in doubt that you’re dating the wrong kind of person, then you can gather some proofs by using this information. Obtaining this file will not only tell you if a person has been arrested in the past; it further tells about the type of criminal offense that caused him to be sent to prison. This process is simply done online by just entering the person’s name and his city or state to view all the current records that are related to him.

Who wouldn’t want to be secured from any harm this time? Of course, everyone wants to avoid what a known criminal can possibly do in the community. It’s a good thing that you don’t have to run to the nearest police department anymore in order to ask them to …

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Finding Love After 50: Where to meet men

Finding Love After 50:  Where to meet quality single men

©2009 Tom Blake – The expert on dating and finding love after 50

“Where should I go to meet quality men my age?” is the most frequently asked question I receive from women age 50+. I’ve been writing newspaper columns on finding love after 50 ever since my wife of six years cleaned out the house on Xmas Eve 1993 and moved out of my life.

This week, Sue, who lives in Los Angeles, California, emailed: “I’m widowed, attractive and easy to get along with, and have a modicum of intelligence to boot! Can you give me with some venues to meet nice, respectful men in my age group? I’ll be 62 in a couple of weeks. I look really good. I work full-time. I’m still raring to go. I’m just not sure where to go. I don’t do internet dating.”

I answered Sue—at the risk of discouraging her—by writing that there is no place in the Los Angeles area or anywhere across the US -where older single men congregate for the purpose of meeting quality women near their age. Places like that simply don’t exist.

Oh yes, there are clubs and bars where those older guys go looking to meet young babes. But women like Sue wisely stay away, not wanting to compete with younger women in a meat-market atmosphere.

Women get irked at me and suggest I’m not worth my weight as a columnist since I can’t come up with specific places where single men hang out. Last week, this column suggested women go to an antique car show because men like to talk about their vintage cars and it’s easy to engage them in conversation. No women reported they went to the show, or that they met somebody there, but at least we gave them a suggestion for a place where single men might be on a warm, Sunday afternoon.

My book, “Finding Love After 50: How to Begin. Where to Go. What to Do,” ( offers this advice to singles on where to go: “People need to get off the couch, away from the computer screen, out of the house, and pursue activities and hobbies that interest them. Meeting new people is vital.

“Singles should go out to spice up and revitalize their lives, grow, have fun and experience new things. While doing that, they might meet a mate, they might not, but in doing so, they’ve improved their chances greatly.”

I also tell singles that it’s important, however, not to go out for the sole purpose of trying to meet a mate. When singles do that, they come off as looking too hard—even desperate—and other singles sense that and will avoid them altogether.

We hear about the importance of attitude so much that it’s almost a hackneyed thought, but I cannot stress enough how important it is for singles to have a positive, non- judgmental attitude when they are out and about.

Negative singles get …

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Benefits Of Php – Advantages Of Php

PHP has become the most popular Web programming language not only because it is free. PHP is a full-fledged programming language (unlike HTML for example, which is more of a presentation means) and many complex applications can be written it it.

Another benefit of applications written in PHP is that they are fast and if written properly, they could be pretty secure. There are also tons of ready PHP scripts and functions, which you can customize to your liking and use in your PHP applications.

Web development is becoming a more prosperous industry lately. Since the Internet and the computer wave in general are becoming quite lucrative, web development is becoming a booming industry in which everyone wants to be a part. However, it is also a very competitive industry since there are many professionals that are quite adept at programming. Therefore, learning proper PHP development strategies is beneficial. If you already have prior knowledge of computer language and coding, PHP should come as a second nature to you. The fact that is can be used in its most primal forms for basic programming as well as incredibly advanced programming only ads to its possible potential for programmers.

Before building website you need to know which language you are going to use in a professional looking website. PHP is one of the best and easy to use programming language as it can be run to any operating system. PHP is free language so that is the huge advantage of this language. For handling database connections, formatting date, editing strings, handling emails and all PHP can be very useful. It can be easily extend for some specific functions that you would like to add in your website. Reliability of this language is extra ordinary as PHP already runs on millions of servers around the world, which means that it’s powerful enough for even the most demanding situations. It provides web developers much more liberation in creating website with some of the outstanding features and they can use regular elements frequently. PHP can be very much successful for creating Dynamic Websites. PHP programmers with the use of open source codes benefit from the flexibility of editing, modifying and updating the source code when there is mandatory.

PHP is based on C++ programming language and the syntax used in PHP is fairly similar to C, C++. There is huge community of developers who still believes that C/C++ is still the best programming language. For every website to get reasonable progress it can be use Content Management System such as Joomla, Word Press etc. here PHP and MySQL are very helpful in successful CMS running. There are so many IT companies which provide best quality PHP web development work from India. The reason for Outsourcing PHP development to India is that it is very cost effective with better quality. In the professional field of Web and software development services we have achieved great amount of victory with skilled and experienced PHP programmers.

PHP has …

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Cyber Stalking Facts

Cyberstalking is a recent form of criminal behavior involving persistent threats or unwanted attention using the Internet and other means of computer communications.

With more and more people going “online,” the opportunity to target someone on the Internet is becoming limitless. Cyberstalkers visit chat rooms, discussion forums or message boards in search of victims. The range of cyberstalking can range from aggressive and hostile email, chat room bullying, leaving abusing messages in guest books to sending e-viruses, tracing a victim’s computer and identity theft.

Like regular stalkers, cyberstalkers want to intimidate and control their victims. Cyberstalkers do it with the use of the Internet. The Internet can be used to trace the victim’s real name and address. For instance, it is remarkably easy to find out what party a victim is planning to attend and when by checking the information on a site such as Facebook.

The use of technology makes locating a victim easier than ever before. Anyone can type in certain key words into the computer which will bring up a myriad of internet datafurnishing companies that supply private records and information online, either free or for a nominal fee. The internet can do what private detectives of the past only dreamed of doing.

States are attempting to deal with this new form of criminal behavior. Early in 2009, the state of California enacted a set of new stalking laws. These laws make it a misdemeanor to publish information on the Internet which describes a teacher or his or her family or mentions where the teacher lives with the intent of having another person commit a crime against that teacher. The penalty is up to one year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine. This law can also be invoked to protect people other than teachers against cyber-threats. It is now considered a misdemeanor in California to place any person in fear of his or her safety by means of Internet threats and threats using cell phones, PDAs, video recorders or pagers.

Several cases of cyberstalking have been prosecuted under California’s new cyberstalking laws. In the state’s very first case, the state prosecuted a man who used the internet to impersonate his victim, a young woman who’d spurned his attentions. Pretending to be the victim, the man posted her phone number and address and stated that she had rape fantasies she wanted fulfilled. Strange men started to show up at the victim’s apartment ready to rape her and became angry when she refused. The cyberstalker was sentenced to six years in prison.

In another case, a graduate student from the University of San Diego cyberstalked five female students for a year. He sent hundreds of threatening emails. The graduate student was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison. He told police the women were ridiculing him. The victims, in fact, had never met this man.

Prior to California’s anti-cyberstalking laws, the crime was difficult to prosecute. Deidre Des Jardins, a student at UC-Santa Cruz, started getting violet emails …

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Santa Monica Express Offers Full Service Messenger, Courier, and Trucking Services

LOS ANGELES April 29, 2008 – Santa Monica Express, the leader in professional messenger, courier, and shipping services in Southern California, is pleased to announce the grand opening of the new, full-service website at Santa Monica Express has partnered with internet marketing firm Sarbro Solutions, the leading website optimization company in Los Angeles.

“We are excited to be working with Santa Monica Express,” commented Ali Farzin, Sales Director for Sarbro Solutions. “We are looking forward to implementing a mutually successful online campaign for Santa Monica Express in Southern California.”

Santa Monica Express provides personalized service delivered fast. Santa Monica Express also incorporates the latest industry technologies to provide a more efficient and cost effective all-in-one solution for our clients. The friendly, knowledgeable staff places the satisfaction and peace of mind for their clients as top priority.

Santa Monica Express offers a full range of courier, delivery, and messenger service in Southern California. Santa Monica Express’ on demand courier and messenger services are second to none, and include:

• Express (Direct Non-Stop)
• Regular (Within 3-5 Hours)
• Standard (Same Day Economy)
• After Hours (24/7 Service)

Santa Monica Express is a full-service logistics company, and offers complete business solutions.

• Trucking
• NFO (Next Flight Out)
• International and Domestic Hand-Carry Deliveries
• Scheduled Route Services
• Transportation, Management, and Staffing Services

Santa Monica Express, Inc. is a full service provider of messenger, courier, air freight and trucking services in Los Angeles and Southern California. The company offers the most professional, reliable, and competitively priced services in the industry for services such as express couriers, messengers, and logistics. Santa Monica Express has provided outstanding, reliable services to our customers since 1984; over 23 years of unblemished service.…

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Study on Computing in the Cloud

Study on Computing in the Cloud

Felix Deepak Minj (HOD Information Tech. Shekhawati Group of Institution)


In traditional network diagram, the cloud always represented a fairly static view of an intermediary virtual area on the Internet. It basically had no real function other than passing data from one point to the other between servers on the Internet and client where we cloud setup our applications to run

The cloud computing model changes this slightly. Instead of providing just a medium for messages to pass through between clients and severs, it tries to provide a number of services within the Internet “cloud” itself. These services can range from storage, computation, applications and even complete operating systems. All available as a service on the Internet which you can go ahead and use directly. The “Software_as_a_Servic” or SaaS concept is one of the major diving forces of cloud computing along with other concepts such as Web2.0, the web browser and mobile applications.

Objective of the Study:

1. Purpose of the study is to virtualization of the environment.

2. Less expensive in context to server maintenance.

3. According to demand provide the application services and others.


In this paper relevant literature, information and data have been used from the published books, magazines like PCQuest, DeveloperIQ, Computer Today, InformationWeek, relevant web sites etc.


We can’t turn around these days without hearing “Cloud Computing”. So what is cloud computing? Is it the same old stuff with a new wrapper? Cloud computing is a development model leveraged by IT to reduce infrastructure costs and/or address capacity/scalability concerns. It is the infrastructure and model of deployment. Cloud computing is about how an application or service is deployed and delivered. Cloud computing is a deployment model leveraging on demand computing to scale and serve applications through a shared resource model.

Are there different types of clouds? Yes, there are. There are public clouds like Amazon and Microsoft, and there are going to be private clouds as well. Because cloud computing is concerned with how applications and infrastructure resources are provisioned and delivered, location is really irrelevant in determining whether an architecture is or is not a cloud.

There is also differentiation between cloud models; some are based heavily in virtualization and we deploy applications by pushing a virtual image of our applications and its environment into the cloud using web services. Other provides platforms upon which we develop the application and which are then packaged up and provisioned on demand through the provider’s custom environment.

Scalability is an issue in all kinds of software development and computing. Dose this include cloud computing? Absolutely, there are basically two different kind of scalability such as horizontal and vertical. Horizontal scalability means the application can serve many concurrent users, which is easy and one of the benefits of cloud computing. That’s the job of load balancing and application delivery solutions and should be taken care of by the cloud. Then there is vertical scalability, which means that the application …

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Climb The Alexa Ranking Ladder

Alexa is a kind of search engine that measures the popularity of websites that are visited by surfers who have an Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Since the toolbar has been downloaded over ten million times, it is safe to suppose that a lot of surfers use it – a lot, but not the majority. How does Alexa calculate a website’s traffic rank? Er, difficult to say exactly. What the boffins at Alexa say they do is take all the previous three months of surfing data from the toolbar users and kind of mash it together in a saucepan. Then they throw in a few “secret ingredients” and other undisclosed “diverse traffic data sauces” and leave it to simmer until it has reduced down to a single number – your website’s Alexa traffic rank! Some people have expressed a degree of scepticism about Alexa’s cookery. Despite the scepticism, Alexa is still important in providing some sort of guide to overall website ranking, especially for the higher ranked sites and is used as a rough guide by a lot of website owners, who see an improvement in their Alexa rank as evidence that they are making progress. It is important to stress that Alexa rank and traffic volume are not inextricably linked. You could have a great site that attracts a lot of targeted traffic, but still have an Alexa rank of over a million. (The lower the number, the higher the rank.) Still, a site that ranks highly on Alexa will gain a lot of credibility and you will find plenty of highly ranked websites (i.e. anything below 100,000) that display their Alexa ranking on their homepages. So, here are a few tips to help you get your site up the Alexa ranking ladder: For best results use Firefox and install the Alexa toolbar using Firefox’s Search Status extension and set your website homepage as the default page. Next, place the Alexa widget on your website. The widget will display your Alexa rank, and send feedback about your site to Alexa. Customize the Alexa tool bar and add a link to the toolbar download page. Every time it is downloaded you will get some credit from Alexa. A lot of Website owners tend to have the Alexa toolbar on their browsers. They also tend to visit web directories, so if you post your site on a number of popular directories you stand a good chance of having it viewed on browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed. Website owners also tend to hang out on Internet marketing and SEO forums. Join those forums, post a link to your website in your forum signature and you might pick up some extra Alexa juice. Write articles about Alexa and other SEO tips and post them on your website or blog. Your aim is to attract visitors who may be interested to learn about Alexa and download the toolbar from your site. Add a page of marketing resources to your website and …

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Fundamentals of Programming Vs. Php Programming

Hyper-text-pre-processor (PHP) and Active-server-pages (ASP) are the two standard programming languages for website application development and more significantly when it comes to produce database-driven websites to interrelating hugely with databases. PHP is an open-source programming language which is derived from lots of different languages. On the other hand ASP is such kind of programming languages which preferring Microsoft product mostly.

Both programming languages PHP and ASP are used to develop dynamic database oriented websites. Active Server Pages (ASP) is normally from Microsoft and is used only with Internet Information Server (IIS) that runs on Microsoft Servers also. But on the other hand you can say PHP is platform independent programming languages and can connect with several kinds of databases.

There are a lot of differences between ASP and PHP.


To run programs first need to install IIS on a Windows server platform, this is not a free package. PHP programs can run on Linux, which is free package. Even the database connectivity is expensive for ASP, because it require MS-SQL product of Microsoft that needs to be acquired. Same time on the other hand PHP generally uses MySQL for database connectivity, which is freely accessible.

The Simplicity in Coding

PHP codes itself are very light in weight, a contract programmer who begins his career into PHP, does not felt any pressure to look the source code to understand. Whereas In ASP codes are not so easy to quick understand.

Database Compatibility

PHP generally being extremely flexible as it uses MySQL for database connectivity, which is freely accessible. Same time on the other hand Database compatibility is expensive for ASP, because it require MS-SQL product of Microsoft that needs to be acquired.

General Run Time

If we evaluate the running speed of PHP and ASP then PHP should gets the upper hand. Normally it is viewed that PHP code runs quicker than ASP code. Due to COM based architecture, ASP uses server space to run while PHP code runs on its own inbuilt memory space.

Background Language Support

ASP has a similar like Visual Basic type of syntax that also linked to Microsoft products as well. On the other hand PHP codes are based on generally C++ language and the syntax, which is used in PHP, is quite similar to C/C++ syntax. C/C++ is still considered by maximum software programmer is the finest programming language and people who love C++ language would certainly feel more relaxed with the PHP syntax.

Running Platform Connectivity

PHP codes can run on different platforms like UNIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows whereas ASP codes are mostly linked with Windows platforms. Though, ASP programs can run on a Linux platform with the help of ASP-Apache installed on the server.

Further Tools Cost

Several tools used in PHP are mostly free of cost in the market and as PHP is open source a lot of codes can be available in open source forums and blogs. PHP has inbuilt attributes like ftp, encryption methods, even email also …

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