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Steps to Successful Data Center Migration You should ensure the safety of your clients’ data before you migrate your data center. A lot of problems can occur during data migration. Unauthorized access, data corruption and other losses are among the problems that can be experienced. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare well for these risks. This calls for a well-designed data center migration plan. Below are some tips that will help you design a safe data center migration plan. What Are You Migrating? Data centers work in complicated ways. In most centers, there are many racks supported by various hardware and software. Migration can be further complicated by the many cables that run around the data centers. One of the major mistakes most people make when planning a data center migration is failing to collect data on what is actually being moved. You will be risking your clients’ businesses if you establish timelines and budgets before collecting data on what is to be moved. Confirm which applications are hosted on your data centers. Find out who owns the applications and what downtimes they can allow. Other important information to know include allowed downtime, rack layout, connectivity (cabling) diagrams, power specs, and operating system requirements.
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When you have information on the data center requirements for your business, you need to have a migration strategy. In the strategy, you should know how much the move will cost, time to implement it and potential risks.
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Sometimes, customers will want you to take care of various things and in effect push back your planned migration. Sometimes, your planned migration may be pushed by customers making different requests. On your part, you may want the migration to be undertaken fast and without your business incurring a huge cost. Inform your customers about the planned migration and how it may affect their applications. You should also find out the amount downtime the customers can take while you are performing the migration. Requirements of your Service Level Agreement (SLA) You need a solid plan for your migration to be successful. In the plan, some of the things that should be outlined include facilities planning, IT infrastructure, contingency planning, and overall program management. You need experienced personnel to plan and undertake the data center migration for your company. Things become easy when you have an expert team handling the data center migration. However, sometimes you will face some problems when migrating your data center. One challenge you will face is determining whether or not the applications will “break” during the migration. When an application breaks, this can mean downtimes outside the acceptable SLA limits. To avoid downtimes, it is important to have a contingency plan to fall back to in case things don’t go as planned.

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