Taking Social Commerce One Step Further

The use of E-commerce sites, social media popularity, and clever marketing has combined to create social commerce. People have access to group coupons, can share deals with friends on social media sites, and can shop sites that provide just about everything from many different manufacturers. Purchasing new items, used items, and those that are discontinued from people interested in selling them is quick and easy online. Shoppers can compare pricing, sales, promotions, and deals without having to leave the house. Bargains are available at the click of a button, shipping is fast and can be tracked, and payment options are safe and secure.

There is now an internet application that takes the concept on step further, and provides shoppers more control over pricing. Shoppers can select from thousands of available items, and indicate the price they wish to pay for them. That information is provided, in real-time, to several retailers in the network. Retailers can then decide to respond with offers that match the desired pricing, or not. Having several retailers in the network, with more being added constantly, increases the likelihood of fast offers. Shoppers are notified of offers that meet their price points. They will not be subjected to offers for other products, or unwanted advertising at any time.

When offers are received, shoppers have a few options. They can accept the offer and purchase the item from the retailer either online, or in the physical store if that is more convenient. They can reject the offer and purchase nothing. They can also transfer the offer to a friend, share the offer with friends via social media profiles, or share with friends also using the application. This eliminates the need for comparison shopping, browsing coupon sites hoping to find what is wanted at a great price, and waiting for items to happen to go on sale. The shopper has increased control over what it paid for merchandise. Some pricing desires will result in offers quicker than others, and there are no guarantees that offers will be made, but shoppers will never know, if they do not ask. Why wait for a sale, when offers can come directly to a desk top, tablet, or smart phone?