Article Marketing For Dummies

Article writing has always been a fascinating field. It is an effective internet marketing medium that lets a product or a website be known by its general public. Of all the internet marketing tools, article marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective. Article writing simply has the ability to make a product known by its target market in just a matter of minutes. Even more powerful for the article writer is the recognition that comes over time as more and more articles are written, published and read.

So, for article writing beginners who want to learn the basics of the trade, here are some of the frequently asked questions:

What is article marketing?

Article marketing is the process of producing neutral and informative articles that will be published to the web.

What is the purpose of article marketing?

It is used to stir the interest of targeted audiences on a specific topic.  It does not mention any specific name of a product but it contains details that will be useful to the target audience.

How does it help in marketing?

As mentioned earlier, it does not mention any name or brand of a product.  However, articles used for article marketing contain hyperlinks and anchor texts to lead the viewers to the website of the product.  Article marketing is never hard-core advertising.  Its approach in enticing audiences is always subtle.

How long does each article must be?

It really depends on the article writer.  Ideally, the articles are 250-500 words long.  The article writing must be short, clear and concise for the audiences to read.  A 750-word article is fine but the tone of the writer must be upbeat and interesting in order to avoid boring the readers.

What makes it different from common articles?

Articles used for marketing in the internet are commonly distinguished in three ways: keywords, hyperlinks and resource box.  Keywords are words or phrases that are used to increase the searchability of the article.  These are words that are used by target audiences when searching in the internet.  Hyperlinks and resource boxes are like the “calling cards” of the authors. These are the parts of the article that will allow the readers to go to the sites or contact the article writers themselves.

Where are these articles published?

Aside from the main website, these articles are submitted to directories to make it more search engine optimized.  One of the popular sites is eZines. Some marketers publish it by using a blog host.  These can be Squidoo, Hub Pages, Wet Paint and Weebly.

To your success as an article writer!

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