Be Carefull With Your Symbian Mobile Phone, Kaspersky Found Trojan in Symbian Mobile Phone

Kaspersky Lab successfully detect the new malware which is capable to take over the use of mobile phones.

Last week, the experts at Kaspersky Lab detecting a new malware that attacks the Symbian operating system. The target of the attack is the user’s of a mobile phone operator in Indonesia. This trojan malware is a script written with the Python programming. Trojan send a short message containing instructions to transfer money to account number belonging to the criminal acts.

There are 5 variants of Trojan called as Trojan-SMS.Python.Flocker from ab to af. The ranges of money amount to be transferred are between USD0.45 to USD0.90. Although the amount is not big, if the perpetrator behind the Trojan successful infecting many mobile phones, the amount that can be obtaining is big enough.

“It is obvious that the Trojan target is money. It looks like the fraud to obtain money using malware for mobile devices increasingly overt. Until now, many people think that malware which send SMS messages without user’s know only happened in Russia. Now, we can see if the problem is not only happened in Russia, but also becoming international problems “, said Denis Maslennikov, senior analyst at Kaspersky Lab, through Kaspersky official news, Friday (23/01/2009).

Kaspersky Mobile Security users are protected from this new Trojan. Kaspersky products will block the malware so the malware will not work. Kaspersky Lab recommends that users must be careful when using a smart phone for surfing the internet. Kaspersky Lab also recommends that the mobile phone antivirus are up to date.

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