Businesses and Smart Office Technology

We love technology. We also love working for ourselves, starting businesses, and finding out a way to make business easier by using technology. Today, we have laptops, google assistants, smart thermometers, artificial intelligence robots, and countless other technologies to help us in our day-to-day lives. In this article, we will discuss these technologies in detail as well as introduce a new technology for the office that you will love. Created by Clay Alexander, this self-warming coffee mug will be your next purchase, because its purpose is to keep your coffee warm, to keep your business thriving.

Business and Office Technologies

A large percentage of business owners, employees who work in an office environment, and parents everywhere, like to get a start to their day by drinking coffee. Coffee has been proven to have great benefits for us, including having stronger DNA. Most people, however, drink it for its warmth, taste, and because it allows them to be more alert throughout the day. Coffee taste great or bad, depending on how you prepare it, but we can all agree that a cup of coffee that was hot, and then turns cold tastes horrible. For this reason, the Ember smart cup was invented. This cup is controlled by an app on your phone to remain at the temperature you select for as long as you want. This will help writers and people who remain focused for longer periods of time. Often, their coffee can’t stay hot for too long, even when using a thermo-cup or a Styrofoam one.

Other technologies that fall in this food/health category are the Apple Watch, step counters, and fitbands. Though it may seem like something insignificant, for a lot of people, keeping their coffee warm for longer periods of time may mean that they can focus for longer and do better work. I have had this feeling in the past where I purchase a cup of coffee and rush because I know it will get cold in less than 20 minutes. If you rely on a warm cup of coffee to feel at your best throughout the day at work, then the Ember cup will be perfect for you. The CEO of the company plans on creating other product lines to sell self-heating plates and has already introduced a cooling option on a previous item.


In conclusion, technology makes our life easier, and so does coffee. Creating the two into one product is a bold and genius move because it will revolutionize the coffee industry and will help thousands of employees and business owners. Those who drink coffee don’t like it when it becomes cold and so being able to control the temperature of the drink will enhance productivity. If you love technology and are already using other products such as fitbits, and calorie trackers, adding this heating cup to your arsenal will make your days at the office that much cooler, or should we say much hotter.

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