CHRISTIAN ALBERT MUELLER: An Inspiring and Worth Sharing Life’s Story of an Expert

CHRISTIAN ALBERT MUELLER is an expert programmer and a reliable webmaster specialist that does the job promptly and accurately. He handles programming issues from the simplest to the most complex cases one can ever dealt with. He is known to have excellent skills in PEARL, PHP AND MySQL and became famous for his works. His working fields also cover the following area of interests;

interface function to different software development, Web Design and on-line editorship – responsible person for Relaunch of the TV1.DE Website

  • implementation of the project NetCall – Research and development for 360 degrees applications
  • Research for Videostreaming to PDAs and pocket PC – graphics Design and Multimedia – conversion from internal and external Web TV projects
  • programming in HTML, shtml, Javascript, Perl, SMIL
  • production of Templates for the TV1.DE CMS on basis of JSP
  • work with graphics and applications of Designs such as PhotoImpact, Photoshop, Flash, premiere, QuarkXPress, Illustrator.

Despite these achievements and wide range of knowledge, Chris as what his colleagues call him, always give a fair and reasonable price for each project he handles. He works with a positive attitude and always ready to find a solution no matter how hopeless and difficult the project may seem. These attitudes made him stands among the rest and made him attract more and more clients in different parts of the world.


Knowing more about Chris’ personal sides and educational backgrounds is another interesting part why people should trust him the most. Chris was born in Germany. Upon completing a certificate from his Commercial School, he spent several years in Direct Sales. From this time, several clients came to see him for programming works which made him decide to work as a full time programmer since 1982.  In 1992, he started doing his first Online Works where he established connections with his friends.

In addition, Chris is driven with a passion to learn things other than programming and computer-related works. Despite his busy life, he still manages to learn topics of his interests including Self Development, Psychology, Religion and most especially Equanimity.  Art was never taken off from his priorities because painting and music became his inspiration as well.

For the last 5 years, he has been living in Sinai, Egypt to support a Non-Profit Project with the local Bedouins and Kids. For him, spending time with the less fortunate is a lifetime experience and a valuable achievement to share with. This made him include topics in his blog about Life Improvement though most of the topics deal with Coding and Programming.

What made him successful in life is the thought that money and financial gain is not the measure of everything. He firmly believes that living a healthy life and keeping a clear mind is the key to enjoy everything he got and to savor the fruits of his labors and hard works.

As you see, meeting CHRISTIAN ALBERT MUELLER is like hitting two birds in one stone. You’ll have the chance to meet and work with a logic oriented coder and also find a man who is willing to share his experiences and life’s good lessons with you.

Spend some time to know him. Visit and prove to yourself why his story is worth sharing.

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