Hashtags Crawler – a tool for online marketers

 “TagPredict” – a small Wellington based IT company – has proclaimeda new type of crawling algorithms – a crawler that predicts which social media hashtags are trending: instead of searching for websites, like what normal search engine are doing, with TagPredict youcan search on hashtags. Unlike other hashtags services it is not dependent of or using any of the social media APIs (Twitter API, Facebook API, Instagram APIetc) so the data is claimed to be independent of the content providers.

How the Hashtags crawler works?

A Hashtags crawler is doing exactly what Google, Yahoo, Lycos and Bing are doing to websites: it is connecting to the site, downloading the content and indexing it. The difference is that TagPredict is looking at hashtags only. It is harder work when one would try to index sites like Twitter or Instagram, but less hashtags would appear in “normal” sites, commercial websites and blogs. The search engine diagram looks like that:


The prediction data is pushed to the user’s browser as they browse the internet. this is done with a free Google Chrome Extension that can be downloaded from the Google Webstore.

Why is it useful?

Hashtags trends are useful for anyone posting things on social media, or for any webmaster that wants to be part of the bigger picture. In the below picture, Michelle Obama is using a hashtag to send a message to the public. When you go on Twitter or Facebook you find that the top politicians, news media, film producers, rugby players, everyone important – are using hashtags. TagPredict is giving you the opportunity to look into that world of with a magnifying glass on hashtags.


Unique Technology

Providing live search data isn’t a matter of old tech – this is obviously new tech. It requires several extraordinary technical skills:

  • Crawl to enormous number of websites, in a reparative ongoing process.
  • Develop a high math algorithm to rank the data, and –
  • Be able to push the data into the user’s browser, in real time.

How to free install it / trial it

TagPredict is free to install on your Chrome browser with free access to all hashtags trends, on the fly. To install it, enter the TagPredict page on the Google Webstore, and click “Add Extension” when the popup window appears. The installation is fast and does not require any registration: you can use it anonymously.


Facebook page: https://www.Facebook.com/TagPredict


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