How to Create Great Slideshows with Movavi Slideshow Creator



Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to create a slideshow out of your photo album collection. It is suitable for creating a slideshow for various kinds of purposes such as graduation, wedding, business presentation and college assignment. Before you create a slideshow, you must make sure that all the photos that you want to use are on your computer hard drives.

You can organize all your photos into a single folder so that you can easily import them by clicking on the Add Folder button. the slideshow will play according to the sequence of the pictures in the timeline. Changing the position of a picture in the slide is easy. You just have to drag the photo slide to the desired position and then let go your mouse cursor to put the photo on that position.

You can rearrange the photo for as many times as you want until you get the correct sequence. When you are done rearranging the photo slides, you should click the play button to preview the slideshow. When the slideshow is playing, the red marker will move according to the photo slide that is currently being displayed on the preview box. The picture that is currently being displayed in the slideshow video will have a yellow border around it in the timeline.

You are able to find out how long your slideshow will last by hours and minutes at the bottom. At the bottom, you will also find small words that state the project settings including resolution of the photos used in the slideshow, frame rate, and audio codec.

If you accidentally load the wrong photo, you can delete it by selecting it and pressing the Delete key. If you look at the toolbar above, you will find that there are several tools including scissor, rotate, and crop. You can split a photo slide into two by using the scissor tool.

You can use the crop tool if there is an imperfect picture in the slideshow and you need to clip off the flaws. When you select the crop tool, you can draw a square on the area of the photo that you want to retain. In this way, the area outside of the square in the photo slide will be clipped off.

The slideshow will be more interesting when you add text and voiceover to it. In Movavi slideshow creator, you can add text onto the slideshows by clicking on the T tab to go to the title styles gallery. When you found the title style you like, you just drag it onto the photo slide and then double click on it to enter the desired text.

If you want people to hear you talking in the slideshow, you will have to plug in a microphone to the computer and record your voice. After that, you must click on the microphone button to start the recording session as you speak into the microphone.

The recorded voiceover can be edited in the video editor included in Movavi Slideshow Maker. You can improve the voiceover recording by deleting unwanted parts for example parts where you mistakenly say the wrong thing.


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