How To Make An Income From Turnkey Websites

Turnkey websites are defined as websites that do almost 100% of the work for you. This can be very misleading, because people who sell these types of websites often use this definition to twist the truth with titles such as, “Turnkey Website! Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Month! Website Runs Itself 100%!” While this is technically true… the fine print will tell you that this is 100% not true. The website won’t promote itself, the website won’t deal with customer support automatically, and the website won’t change or update itself (with unique content). I know I am sounding like “negative Nancy,” so I will start focusing on the positives: With a good turnkey website one can make very good money, turnkey websites are also very easy to run (note their definition, again), and turnkey websites are also cheap to buy (and often times free). You can set up a turnkey website and get it going within three to six months. I should also mention that there are hundreds, no, thousands of different turnkey websites out on the web. Just to prove it to you, go to and type in “turnkey website” and a hundred plus results will come up. You can choose anything from sexy lingerie or adult ecommerce shops, to a search engine submission website, or even a sports event ticket selling website! So without further adieu, the steps to success:

Step 1: Domain, Script & Installation, and Website Hosting.

Get a domain from a good registrar (such as, make sure to choose a domain that relates to your turnkey script (for example, search engine submission turnkey website: searchsubmitwebsite.your-extention). Next, find your script, a great place to go is, is the best place to find both free and paid scripts for any type of website! Next, installation, and as always, I offer script installation to my readers for only $5, but for turnkey websites, installation is usually very easy. Finally, website hosting, and as always, I recommend using, they have great service and fast servers.

Step 2: Advertise and Make Money!

I know its weird having only a two step website article, but it’s true, turnkeys are very simple, they have a product installed and all you have to do is pop it on a server and market the product! Now I may sound like this is easy, but sadly it’s not a “two step wonder,” as I am making it out to be; promoting this website of yours will be tough and take quite a bit of money and hard work. Depending on your target market (which you will need to identify), you will need to go where there is a demand. For example, if you are selling adult products you may want to advertise on adult forums or adult toy review websites. If you are selling sports tickets you will want to go to a sports blog or sports affiliated forum to advertise your products. Try to identify your niche, which can be as easy as identifying the product you sell! Another great (and free) way to sell a product is through Froogle or a shopping XML feed. I shall explain, Froogle is Google’s shopping search engine, when you go to Google and say you search for a new bike, if you go to the top you will find a tab that says “more,” click on that and one of the links will say “shopping,” click on that and it will direct you to Froogle (even though it’s still Do a little research on Froogle and it can be very easy and cheap to list your product there! And don’t limit yourself to just one shopping feed, do a few! This will defiantly increase your income!

And there you have it! The best way to start a successful turnkey website is just two steps and a bit of work away from a steady income! I hope you have enjoyed this article and I do hope you keep reading what I am writing! So, please subscribe to my RSS feed at the top right of this page! All it takes is one click! Go ahead! Do it now!

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