How To Program A Garage Door Opener, Remote, and Homelink System

It is truly amazing what we can do with technology these days. However, if something goes wrong, technology can seem more like it is getting in our way than it is helping us. If you have been searching the Internet for help with programming your remote control, garage door opener, and Homelink system, you know how difficult this process can be. A lot depends on the kind of car you have, the kind of system you have, and if you have your garage door remote or not. Let us try to untangle this process together.

First of all, you will need to know which brand of garage door opener you have. The following instructions are for Liftmaster and Craftsman doors, as they tend to be the most popular. You want to locate the learn button on your openers logic board. The learn button is usually red and square, but it can be any color and any shape. It will almost always be labelled as a learn button. Start by holding down the learn button for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. By holding down the button, you are clearing the memory of the door so that you can input new information. Grab your garage door remote and push the button, then push and release the learn button one more time. If you hear a clicking sound, it worked. Most openers can hold five remotes total.

Programming your Homelink works essentially the same way. Much of the programming depends on the car that you drive. There are specific instructions on the Homelink website for every make of car, but if you are just looking at programming your garage door remote to your Homelink system, here are the directions. Start by pressing the learn button again on the back of your garage door main box. Push and hold whichever Homelink button that you want the remote to learn. There will either be a beep or possibly a flash on your remote that shows the signal was properly learned. It should only take a moment to do. If you have experience programming a universal remote for your living room, programming your remote for your garage door opener and for your Homelink system is basically the same thing. Do not let these pieces of technology intimidate you, anyone can learn to operate these systems in a very short period of time.

If you are having some issues with programming your garage door remotes, here are a few ideas that may help. First, check the batteries in all your remotes. Many people end up seeking professional help for their openers when it turns out that all they needed was a fresh set of batteries. If you are having trouble getting the two systems to sync up, try standing farther away with your garage door remote. Sometimes, being too close can actually cause a problem. Finally, your garage door and Homelink system often come with a toll free telephone number you can call in case you run into issues. Most problems can be resolved over the phone. Chances are the issues you are having can easily be taken care of.

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