Importance of programming languages

As the technology evolves, so does the creation of a driving force in business. In the past, companies were managed by people and processes.These two factors  that drove the business performance and to determine whether the organization would be successful in achieving its critical objectives. So the need and importance of programming was emerged.  

A programming language is a man made language designed to express the calculations can be performed by a machine, including a computer. Programming languages creates several programs that control the behavior of a machine to express precisely in algorithms, or as an any form of human communication assigned.

The theory of programming languages is a branch of computer science deals with the design, implementation, analysis, characterization and classification of programming languages and their individual characteristics. The programming language is included in the discipline of computer science, both within and affecting mathematics, software engineering and linguistics. It is a well-known branch of computer science, and an area of active research, with results published in several magazines dedicated to the PLT, and computer science in general and technical publications. Most undergraduate programs require computer courses in the subject.

The role of language in programming has been demoted in favor of the methodology and software tools, But it’s completely nullified if it is alleged that a well designed system can also be applied in any language. But programming languages are not just a tool, It also provides the raw material of software, what we see on our screens day to day.

Programming languages exist only to fill the gap of abstraction among the hardware and the real world. It is inevitable tension among abstraction higher, which is easier to understand and safer to use, and less of abstraction, that are more flexible and can often be more effective. To design or select a programming language is to select an appropriate level of abstraction, and it is not surprising that developer prefer different levels, or that one language may be appropriate for a project and not for another. In a particular language, a programmer must understand in depth the implications of the safety and efficacy of each structure in language.

There are various programming languages like .NET, Assembly, Basic, C, C#, C++, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VB-Script, Visual Basic and other languages and technologies. So Start to learn programming and be a successful programmer.

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