Internet Marketing – Evolution Or Bust

BRICK | internet marketing Lancashire is a full service marketing, SEO and consulting department offering comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions We combine our extensive qualified experience and knowledge in Internet marketing techniques to create an effective internet presence for our clients that generates not only a substantial increase in qualified traffic but also positive return on investment for our clients.

Evolution or Bust

Over the past three years, search engine marketing has become the fastest growing marketing/advertising medium in the world. New SEO firms are emerging and established SEO firms are growing rapidly.

Website owners and webmasters are advised to ask serious questions and don’t be afraid to challenge an SEO’s knowledge of the environment. With change comes confusion and we are noting a number of new firms playing on that confusion in order to see short term gains.

Our Internet Marketing Services

BRICK create a customised marketing plan to provide your business with a powerful Internet presence that meets your needs. We focus on first designing websites that perform well in search engines and excel in usability, which leads to increased revenue for our clients.

Make sure your website can be found on the Internet. We offer Internet marketing plans that include the following services: Search engine optimisation, email management, social bookmarking, viral marketing, press releases, article submissions, back linking, analysis and more.

Email List Management & Newsletters

The ability to communicate with your customers, past, present and future is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of web based marketing. Spam (unsolicited email) is perhaps the most negative aspect of email based marketing. Brick technology can help you achieve the goal of reaching your customers by establishing an email data capture program that is secure, meets all EU directives, looks terrific and will be welcomed. We can assure that your email correspondence will be welcomed and viewed by the intended recipients by using our double legal opt in e-mail newsletter system.

An email database properly managed is the best and least expensive way to reach your growing customer base. Whether you’re sending out a monthly newsletter, special offer, or an update on your business notifying your customer via email is the quickest, most cost effective environmentally responsible and universal way to stay in contact with your customers. To demonstrate the potential and magnitude of well managed email capture and an email database management program we present the following example:

If a Business was to collect 20 email address per day from its reception or telephone callers and an additional 20 per day from potential visitors viewing your website you would establish a qualified list of individuals (that wish to be contacted by you) of 14,600 a year or 43,800 in three years. If you were to use this database monthly to notify these subscribers of a special promotion and only 1% respond to it this would translate into 438 additional outcomes each month.  It is vital that every business have a data capture program. If you don’t, you need to start one now! Brick technology excels in email marketing systems, email database management and HTML formatted newsletters and announcements.

RSS Feeds

Brick technology offers RSS on our site as well as a service to our customers for their newsletters. This service allows our clients to easily circulate information to a wide number of people. RSS is a powerful marketing technique as it gets your message to visitors who have chosen to subscribe to your site. In our experience, we have also found that search engines put a lot of emphasis on fresh content, and the RSS feed is constantly generating new content that is picked up by the search engines, which will therefore will increase your ranking.

Business eCards

Your business can have custom eCards that any web visitor can send on to themselves or others and will lead to future enquiries. These interactive ecards are ideal for

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO report is a multi-industry standard report used to establish your websites current ranking in all search engine friendly categories. The report is an essential tool in establishing benchmarks based on current keywords and phrases as well as newly selected text. The report is archived monthly upon initiation. The report is your monthly proof statement with precise data that is easy to understand and easy to evaluate.

Website / URL Structure/ Website Information Critique

An audit of your current website is conducted. We review your current meta-tags and meta-tag placement to assist in your website search engine placement. Search engines have developed very sophisticated algorithms that search the content of the World Wide Web on a daily basis. These algorithms are commonly referred to as search engine spiders because of the way they search out and capture information. If your meta-tags or titles are not optimised, the search engine spiders will not find your pages. If this happens, they then fail to index or rank thus making it almost impossible for your information to be reached and reviewed during a search. As more and more information is created more and more users are deferring their initial inquires to the major search engines as a way to retrieve information as well as understand website relevance based on the desired and sought information.

Key Phrases & Key Word Identification for your Specific Market

A complete and comprehensive review of key phrases and key words as it pertains to your market is conducted. This survey constitutes the basis for new webpage development as well as reorganisation of your current webpage text. We will consult with you to select and rank a list of search phrases that are most applicable to the target pages and your targeted demographic.

Meta-tags and title Creation for the Homepage and top level pages

Meta-tags will be written for your homepage and top level sub pages within your site. We will write the meta-tags and suggest ideas for new copy on the additional pages. Each page must have fresh, relevant meta-tags that work together as well as satisfy the local market’s desire for information.

Open Directory Submission

The Open Directory Project is managed by organic data rescores or “human” editors as opposed to search engine spiders. Each site submitted to DMOZ needs to have the precise keywords and copy for editors to approve. DMOZ (Open Directory) is another step to great rankings and has remained an integral part of rankings. DMOZ adds balance to website propagation and assures that websites can be reviewed in the same format a web surfer might. With the addition of new information daily the DMOZ insists that submission is done correctly and in a precise format. We will make sure this aspect of submission is not overlooked.

Internet Marketing Account Manager

Statistics indicate the fastest growing segment in any service, sales, or information based organisation. Many companies employ a sales person to do this who in many cases receives a salary based upon your expenditure. Brick technology provides a person dedicated to you and your needs for our marketing plan so you can rest assured that your internet marketing and SEO strategy is current and you are kept in the picture. Your account manager provides the first point of contact as it relates to all your strategies. We provide reporting published directly to your own secure library area monthly. Your account manager will handle all internet related activities daily, such as competitive research and answer all internet related questions as they relate to you. In addition, we will review your in-house records with you in an effort to  establish criteria useful in trend management optimisation

MySpace Web Design and Facebook Services

These two services offered as standard.

More and more businesses from around the world are setting up a site on and to stay in touch with their customers and prospects, to promote local events, and to drive traffic to their sites.

The Brick technology Internet Marketing Service will get your business listed. The experienced editors at Brick will write a factual article about your business and publish it to these sites for you.


Brick technology provides proven business techniques with qualified global technology and web based solutions in order to properly position your business at forefront prospects, customers and suppliers.

Our consulting service covers all aspects of Internet marketing and website development.

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