Even though IT market is affected significantly due to recession, the grace and value is not smashed among the students who are going to take IT in their college graduation.

Hardware have additional responsibilities of not only software and programmers work but also make computers efficient, faster and network-oriented for better transfer of data. For a successful career in hardware the candidate should


The domain of computers and Information Technology is so vast that it is not possible for an individual to have an in depth knowledge of all such domains. It is for this purpose that computer education is broadly divided into two streams:

i)              Software  ii)    Hardware

At the same time, in recent times, it is also becoming one of the international hubs in hardware too. A number of courses are available across different universities and institutions in both the domains at their college graduation gowns. These college graduation Courses vary from short-term certificate course to long-term degree and post-degree courses. The short-term courses are usually of three months to one year duration and they help in the basic understanding of the computer fundamentals, Courses

Spheres of study: Computer technology is such a vast field that an individual can hardly understand or master all such technologies. Therefore, they are divided into so many different sub fields and domains.

Web Technologies: In the application development especially two web technologies lead the field. They are both Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET technologies. The Java has been in existence for more than ten years. And since then it has become more popular and most earning one. Still It has remained one of the topmost web technologies in the world. Facilitate of development and fast turnaround time has made .NET very popular. After the release of Windows Longhorn in last 2006-07, .NET is set to accumulate further momentum.

Scripting Languages: In programming domain scripting languages plays a vital role. Some of the scripting language like Linux, Apache, MySQL, Pearl/PHP/Python, and LAMP are getting more popular and as a result more number of vacancies is opening up.

Traditional Programming Languages: It is not a concern whatever the case, the traditional programming languages will always be there. There are some important domains like when interacting with hardware where these languages provide the only solution. Though the total number of vacancies in such languages is less compared to others but when they are coming they are economically more rewarding and also provide for job security. Also the competition in such vacancies is less as few opt for such option due to tuff stamina of the languages. It is more valuable and high earning one among so many college graduation gowns.

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