Lifestyle Optimization 101: Systems, Strategies, And Solutions

Many if not most people are interested in becoming progressively smarter, stronger, and more successful in every area of life. Yet many of these individuals don’t know which lifestyle changes they need to make for the purpose of living in a more purposeful, positive way. Below you’ll find several lifestyle optimization techniques you can deploy to take your level of living from average to awesome:

1. Learn How To Deal With Rejection.

One of the best ways to optimize your lifestyle is by learning how to deal with rejection. This life skill is incredibly empowering because everyone will experience rejection in a personal or professional context at some point. In many cases, individuals experience low self-esteem or negative emotions when they are faced with rejection in the form of things like a divorce, job termination, or failure to attain membership in an honor society or sorority. Luckily, there are multiple techniques that people can deploy to deal with rejection. One of them is putting the incident in perspective rather than blowing one event out of proportion and allowing it to define your personhood, impede your professional progress, or hamper your productivity.

2. Utilize Time Management Strategies.

In addition to learning how to deal with rejection, make sure that you begin to utilize time management strategies. These strategies will ensure that you aren’t wasting time on activities that serve no purpose or entail little progress. One great way to put the time management process in full effect is by categorizing activities in terms of their level of importance. One set of categories you could utilize for this process is immersion, maintenance, and minimalism. The “immersion” category references activities that are immensely important and should be engaged in all the time to facilitate some form of growth that will play an integral role in your personal or professional development. If you’re trying to build an SEO business, you might put the ongoing learning process in the immersion category. (This could include classes in search engine optimization, content marketing, online reputation management, and web design and development.)

Maintenance is the second category and it will involve activities that you need to keep engaging in for the purpose of facilitating mental and physical well-being. Examples include going to the gym and engaging in self-care activities like a monthly massage or facial.

The last category in which your activities could fall under is minimal. These are activities that play little to no role in pushing you forward. In many cases, they might cause you to regress in various ways. This list will be different for each individual, but it can include anything from frequenting fast food restaurants to attending social events with people who are demotivated and/or play an active role in discouraging you.

3. Focus On Professional Growth.

If you’re serious about making lifestyle optimization a real thing in your life, make sure that focusing on professional growth becomes an integral aspect of your daily existence. This approach is important because most people spend roughly 1/3 of their life at work. This means that you would miss a big opportunity to attain multiple types of growth (which is ultimately synonymous to optimization) if you don’t concentrate on operating more effectively and expediently in the professional world. One great way to make professional growth happen is by having the products you need on hand at all times. If you know that your company regularly makes use of fluidizer, note that you can obtain this product from companies such as AIM Blending Technologies, Inc.


If you’ve decided to make lifestyle optimization one of your big goals for 2018, it’s important to know that becoming systematic and organized can help you realize your personal objectives faster. Utilize the information outlined above to start your lifestyle optimization process on the right foot!

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