One of the essential and vital components of PC – MotherBoard

One of the essential and vital components of PC is called Motherboard, it is alternatively also referred as the MB, backplane board mainboard, onboard, system board, mobd, mobo, main circuit board, base board planar board. The motherboard is called as a printed circuit board which is the main foundation of any computer, which is exactly located at the back side or at the bottom or under the computer chassis. The main function of the motherboard here in the computer is to allocate power & allows communication to CPU, RAM, and various computer hardware components. Motherboard mainly contains the central processing unit, the memory, & all connectors to the rest of the hardware of computer system. The board is called as the ‘mother’ of all the components that is why it gets its name called Motherboard.

Importance of MotherBoard

A motherboard is one of the essential and vital components of PC. It won’t distract the FPS quantity of games, or video coding speed the way graphics processor or even adapter which does. Even though motherboard here in the computer defines the functionality & capability and even sometimes it will also provide an extra or additional overclocking option. This is why a user should put an increased focus on the motherboard selection when they are setting up a new computer. In recent days there are plenty of motherboard chipsets, memory slots & even form factors.

Some of the important components of the motherboards are : Expansion slots (PCI Express, PCI, and AGP), 3-pin case fan connectors, Back panel connectors, Heatsink, 4-Pin (P4) power connector, Inductor, Capacitor, CPU Socket, Northbridge, Screw hole, Memory slot, Super I/O, Floppy connection, ATA (IDE) disk drive primary connection, 24-pin ATX power Supply connector, Serial ATA connections, Coin cell battery (CMOS backup battery), RAID, System panel connectors, FWH, Southbridge, Serial port connector, USB headers, Jumpers, Integrated circuit, 1394 headers, SPDIF, CD-IN.

Right choice of the Motherboard

The correct choice is a big challenge even for the seasoned users let alone those setting up the first computer. The initial tip for the motherboard selection is a Supported Processors. It can be either the Intel or AMD. The user should put hi/her attention to a socket of the motherboard to select a correct and right hardware.

Each new processor put on the market will exactly require a new socket. This is why one should choose the motherboard to fit the processor & vice versa. The Form Factor describes a motherboard size, memory slots attaching point, interfaces location, processor socket and power connectors types.

The next important characteristic of the motherboard is the External Connectors. The user should consider hardware which they are going to plug into the motherboard’s slots. A built-in audio is also an important part of the computer motherboard. It is an essential part of high-quality audio output or even connecting to a Hi-Fi home theater system. The motherboards along with studio-grade sound card will also grant the user a perfect audio & video output & also allows in dipping into the game. The motherboard is having various different slots to plug so many hardwares such as graphic cards, RAM & other. They all should fit correctly to the motherboard’s slots.

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