Quick And Simple Marketing Ideas That Work

If you ask any marketing professional what they consider a top priority for enhancing a company’s brand, most will tell you that name recognition is extremely important. When consumers in a target audience recognize a company’s name or logo, that company enjoys instant legitimacy. Name recognition enhances all of your marketing efforts, and there are plenty of simple ways to boost the recognition of your company name and logo.


Attractive bumper stickers that catch a person’s eye can be extremely inexpensive to order when you have the right sticker maker, and very simple to get out into the public. Building name recognition is as much about people casually seeing your logo or company name as it is investing in a big advertising campaign. The more that people see your company name or logo, the more they will remember it.


Giving away promotional pens sounds cliche, but it is still one of the most effective ways to get your company name in front of people every day of the week. The key is to invest in quality pens that work and have an interesting look to them. People use quality pens and if you use the right pens then your company name can be in homes and offices all over your area.

Key Chains

Offering promotional key chains can seem like a waste of money until you stop and realize how many times in a day you look at your own set of keys. Once again, the key is to get your company name and logo in a position where it can be seen over and over again. People will utilize a well-designed key chain, even if it is promotional. Every time a person pulls out their car or house keys, they will see your company name. That can be some steady and powerful marketing.

Expanding the influence of your company name will enhance the investment you make in your marketing. There are plenty of small ways that you can enhance your company’s name recognition and make your marketing more powerful.

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