QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is an application-based accounting online

is one of the leading products developed by Intuit America and Canada. Intuit itself was built by Scout Cook and Tom Proulx in 1983 in Mountain View, California USA. Since 2011 QBO has been introduced in the UK and was greeted very enthusiastically by businesses, especially small and medium enterprises there. According to wikipedia on its website, businesses that subscribe to this application has reached 624 000 subscribers and is the highest achieved by the perpetrators of similar businesses. Until now, QBO subscribers has reached 885 000 more. Therefore QBO known as 1 World’s Best Selling Cloud Accounting Software. QuickBooks having different version for both Windows & Mac users . Also Intuit launched few days back QuickBooks APP so the user will manage their accounting task using their Smart phone . User who want to Upgrade their Old QuickBooks version can call QuickBooks Support Phone number 1-844-857-4849 to know more about how to download and Install this Software .

The benefits you can get from QuickBooks Online

– With QuickBooks Online, you can increase the efficiency of time, effort and money of course.

– The number of users who can access anywhere and anytime simultaneously up to five people and five others could be added just to see reports only (can not create and edit transactions)

– You are no longer concerned with data loss, damage to the affected computer virus or computer network problems. If you have a problem with QuickBooks, you can see in Quickbooks Support.

– Your financial data is highly confidential because it is encrypted like bank customers by Intuit

Excess (Feature) is on QuickBooks Online

– Looking at sales reports and the cost of your business, anytime and anywhere via computer, tablet android, even with your smartphone.

– Make a budget plan, budget or estimate of a product or project that you will do and compare it to the income and the actual costs you incur.

– Features a multi currency for the entire world currencies.

– You can create a purchase order (Purchase Order) or Sales Invoice and send it directly via email to your business partners.

– You can import the data of customers and suppliers via an Excel file.

– Back up your financial data is automatically saved.

– Security of your data are kept confidential because it uses data encryption as banks.

– You can access all of your financial data using android tablet, smartphone (iPhone or Android) as well as Windows-based computer anywhere and anytime as long connected to the Internet. For more information about QuickBooks, you can see in Peachtree Tech Support Phone Number.

– Can be used simultaneously with other users, so that coordination could be more easily done.

– You can categorize transactions based on project revenues or costs and location, so they can make the Income Statement based group projects and locations.

– Financial Statements as Sales Report Details / Brief, Purchase Report Details / Brief, Reports Debt maturity and Reports Receivables maturity, Reports Inventory, Income Statement and Balance Sheet is already a Financial Report Standard which has been available and given the filter feature to be customized (adjust ) based on user needs. Number of Standard Financial Statements that have been provided reaches 65+ reports and still be added and modified again.

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