Ruby on Rails Outsourcing

Quintessential extracts of Open source Technology ……Do not roll up your sleeves before having sound knowledge about OOPs (Object Oriented Programming Language). Ruby on Rails is a proven tool and architecture for the fastest growing business solutions and investors are scaling up in developing nations with low cost resources, minimal investment and maximum throughput.

Ruby is an object oriented programming language that makes programming easy and interesting. It is amalgamation of Smalltalk’s concept, Python’s ease of use and learning concepts, Perl’s pragmatism. Ruby on rails, RoR, Rails all these terms are used interchangeably. Rails has revolutionized the web with its sagacity and provided programmers with tools to meliorate by effacing long coding techniques and augmenting ruby programming.

Rails is a full-stack, free, web application, open source ruby web framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern that is optimized for sustainable productivity. From the Ajax in the view, to the request and response in the controller, to the domain model wrapping the database, Rails gives you a pure-Ruby development environment. To go live, all you need to add is a database and a web server. RoR uses Ruby programming language and Model view programming paradigm (multi-paradigm).

It follows principle of least surprise (POLS) and has lowered the barrier in entry to programming. Rails provides scaffolding programming (software application is built that is well supported by database and programmer has the flexibility to write about application database using model view controller framework) which helps to quickly and easily construct model views. Its effects are not confined to rails community but have also affected other communities globally.

Why Rails?? Every developer wants to speed up the development process at the same reducing error occurrence. Rails provide fast and easy development with quality results. If quality is retained but the speed is increased multifold you don’t need to think over it but just go for it, here comes RoR. With Ruby programming language you need to write few lines of code in comparison to other programming language to reach the same result. ‘Convention over configuration’ is the RoR mantra i.e. with less software usage or consumption you generate more codes efficiently. The aim is to speed up development of web applications and database driven websites by providing programming convention and eliminating verbose xml configuration files.

System Requirement – Ruby and Rail Framework software; Database (e.g. MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server GUI client for Windows OS, differ for Linux, Macintosh); Joyent is the official RoR host; Web Server – Apache is most common

Ruby on Rails CMS is also becoming popular these days admin section can be focused to target design sites, it is easy to define new page elements – RSS, Atom, Tag clouds, overlay, file management, API are very common features. RoR CMS provides very flexible solutions, final output depends on user choice no pre-format is mandatory, image cropping, resizing, multi-language support, excellent usability, sort able tree-based admin interface, layout editor, scaffold template is created. Rails applications are Tailor made to perfection for an individual or an enterprise and best fit for all kind of web application. Rails architecture is used and most preferred for development of cms, e-commerce, portals, collaboration, and community.

Let’s obliterate local boundaries and create world community by congregating Rails and other communities with smearing RoR, escalated web development solutions. Offshore outsourcing business model has helped SMEs to keep pace in spirit of the IT advancement and day to day competition. Growing online communities are stronger driving workforce as they get going by sharing their knowledge and are most privilege to be a contributing member of the community and share a common direction; they are traveling on the thrust of each other.

With India as an offshore development centre RoR development companies are mushrooming and the rise of regional blogs, social networking websites has created a common linking hub for everyone. Standing on the front wave of ubiquitous connectivity, I can say that RoR will dominate the web application development web world with its killer instinct. Indian Rails developers are harnessing existing and emerging opportunities and creating vast investment potentials for Indians to walk hand in hand with giant players. With landing of Indian Economy and globalization more offshore and big companies are setting up their development centers in India and outsource their software development, ruby on rails development to India. Outsourcing has become indispensable part of offshoring trades.

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