The Advantages of Using a Subnet Calculator

In the world of computing, safety and accuracy are important bywords. To ensure that your IP network is working effectively, and is making the best use of your time, you need to make use of a subnet calculator. This tool is quite a very helpful device, because having well-arranged subnets in your IP network can help to increase the speed and efficiency of your network. Here’s an overview of the advantages offered by a subnet calculator.
What is a Subnet?

Worldwide Web is a vast collection of networks, where million of users speak, or convey data, to one another. Each communication that’s sent from any address coming from the source as well as the destination network along with the particular computer or machine within the network that’s associated with the user at the end. The user at the other end uses a computer unit that has an IP or Internet protocol addresses. An IP address is a 32-bit address that has two parts, one identifies the network and the other identifies the specific machine within the network. The IP address also contains three parts – the network number, subnet number and machine number.

The subnet is an identifiable but distinct unit of the organization’s network, and a subnet can symbolize all the computers in one geographic location, building or local area network (LAN). By having a LAN network divided into subnets, it can be easily connected to the Worldwide Web through just a single shared network address. Without subnets, a network may require multiple connections to the Internet, which would require an excessive use of the limited number of network numbers that the Worldwide Web assigns.

The Subnet Calculator’s Major Tasks

A subnet calculator’s major tasks are to provide subnet information for a given IP address and subnet mask. An individual can also use this tool to determine subnet class, determine the address of a valid host, verify the subnet mask for a certain address, as well as to specifically determine what is the valid host range, network or broadcast address for a subnet.

A subnet calculator also works to help the person find the most efficient and most reliable subnetwork to join. The calculator also helps you select which IP address and mask offer better Internet connection. It can also add subnets to top-level address, add hosts to a subnet, add and modify subnet entries, delete top-level addresses, print and save reports for use in Perl or TCL scripts. The subnet calculator also enables your network to have fewer broadcasts, as well as aid in enhancing network management and sector isolation.

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