the companies known for making tough and reliable air motors

Gast is just one of the companies known for making tough and reliable air motors. Due to the extra-harsh conditions these units often operate under, they ship out fully lubricated and ready for fine-tuning for their applications. Unfortunately, no matter how well-made a machine is, it won’t last forever. A Gast air motor rebuild kit helps breath new life into an older motor and ensure it runs as well as possible for as long as it lasts.

Benefits of Air Motors

Air, or pneumatic, motors use compressed air to function. This allows them to operate in otherwise hazardous conditions where electric motors might contribute to fires. They’re also easy to customize to many different situations. For instance, Gast makes seven air motors, ranging from .45 max horsepower to 9.5 max horsepower.

One of the other major benefits air motors have over electric units include the ability to start, stop and reverse without needing to warm up or cool down. This cuts down on downtime, and keeps operations moving, impacting everything from profits to worker morale.

User-Friendly Air Motor Repairs

Preventive maintenance reduces emergency repair time by over 80 percent. Repair kits make maintenance as easy as possible, though companies like Gast often have authorized service centers around the world for those who don’t feel knowledgeable enough to complete repairs on their own.

In order to perform maintenance and repairs on your own, you’ll need basic tools found in a workshop. Screwdrivers, socket wrenches, arbor press. Specifics will be listed with each repair kit. Appropriate eyecare is always recommended before attempting to remove or clean any motor components.

Does your air motor have a muffler attachment? While these are frequently ignored during repair jobs, the muffler could be a big part of your problem. Inside the muffler, you’ll find a felt insert, which blocks airflow through the motor when clogged. Be sure to exchange the muffler’s felt element to maximize performance and extend the life of your motor.

Keep your Gast air motor working in tip-top condition with an affordable repair kit containing all the components you’ll need for regular maintenance and repairs.

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