What to Look for in a Good SEO Firm in Charlotte

You have invested a lot of time, effort, and not to mention money building your website. But the site is nothing but a money wasting project if it does not achieve its goal, to generate revenue for your business. Your website needs the right amount of qualified traffic, people looking for the type of services or product that you are selling.

One way to accomplish this is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization, a technique used to bring organic search for relevant keywords, into your website to get a higher rank in search engines. Search Engine Optimization process involves tons of moving parts, a lot of it is very technical.

(Want to know more about Search Engine Optimization or SEO? Visit https://moz.com/learn/seo/what-is-seo.)

That’s why companies that are very serious about getting top rank in Google will hire a Search Engine Optimization expert or agency.

The question is, “How can you know which professional or agency to hire?” Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very crowded that it can be complicated as well as confusing to choose an agency or company to trust their businesses. While a good Search Engine optimization professional or agency can improve a site’s ranking and generate a lot of traffic and potential customers, A bad SEO practice can also drop the website’s ranking so bad; it can cause massive damage to your business.

Search Engine Optimization industry and the techniques involved evolve at a rapid pace; business owners also want to make sure that you only have to pay for the job that can affect your business positively, not pay for ineffective strategies or outdated techniques. To give every business owner an idea on how to correctly pick the right SEO professional or agency, we dig into Google, the undisputed champ in the search world, and other SEO experts for tips.

One common mistake is to think Search Engine Optimization as a very technical subject, only done by tech geeks like computer programmers or developers. In reality, most SEO experts are not that knowledgeable about programming or web developing. To get an idea of what SEO is, it’s better to understand how Google looks at every website and evaluates for search rankings.

According to Google, competent and successful SEO can rank a website appropriately where potential customers can see them. High-ranking websites are sites that are customer-centric as well as provide real value for their target market. According to CIO Magazine, “Search Engine Optimization professionals and agencies, as well as companies who hire them, need to understand that all digital marketing relies on the psychology and behavior of the human race.

It also heavily relies on the landscape of social media, the culture and how their target market thinks, web development, web analytics, the content of the website, viral marketing, the product and services you are offering, business model, etc.”

Google is recommending SEO professionals, agencies as well as business owners to use the Search Engine Optimization evaluation process.

Step 1 – Do a two-way interview

When you are choosing the type of vendors you want for your company, you need to use a two-way interview. Most companies are used to doing one-way interviews, where vendors will try to sell you something, and you listen and analyze everything before making a decision.

Because Search Engine Optimization needs to be multifaceted and should touch all the significant aspects of your company’s digital marketing communications, SEO needs to be involved in the process. Search Engine Optimization agencies and professionals needs to pay attention in your company, making it as profitable as possible by asking the right marketing questions that will help them reach the right decision on what to recommend.

Step 2 – Check references

Once the SEO experts has passed the test of focusing on the overall success of the campaign and start asking the right questions, you need to make sure that the SEO professional or agency has a good and proven track record when it comes to Search Engine Optimization success.

Ask for a list of their previous clients, at least three, that you can contact. Talk to these clients and ask how the SEO professional or agency helped their company achieve success. Ask about the result and how was the experience working with them.

Step 3 – Ask for technical and search audit

When you reach step 3, you have probably discarded those agencies who did not exhibit much interest or curiosity in your business or have shady references, and you are left with a bunch of serious contenders. It is time to dig deeper into the remaining possible candidates and their potential by asking them to do a technical and search audits of your website.

It is something you will need to pay, and it will require a certain level of trust because you will provide them limited control or restricted view of your Google Search console and analytic information. Big companies may choose to have at least three contenders to do the audits, so they will have something to compare to, while small businesses that don’t have enough money, time and patience to hire two agencies to do the audit will only select the top agency.

Search audit

When doing a search audit, the SEO professional or agency like Charlotte SEO will evaluate your website and its ranking on search engines. They will document all the findings and recommendations, starting with all the factors that were preventing the site not to rank high as it should.

After this, a prioritized list of recommendations to help solve the issues, with the solution that can impact your site the most listed first. Each proposal and concerns should have supporting evidence as well as references to Google’s published documentation such as articles, supporting threads and videos, so you can understand what they are doing and see how their advice will have a positive impact on your site’s ranking.

Technical audit

Technical audits are an evaluation of the little thing on your site, the technical side of your website. SEO professionals and agencies will review your website for any internal linking issues, URL parameters, Crawlability, response codes as well as sufficient and consistent server connectivity.

Each problem found will be explained entirely with recommendations on how to fix the problem, the timeline and how much it will cost.

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